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do you hate it when you get a silk out or a press and your roots seem to swell up while the rest of your hair stays perfectly straight?  Well this is a prep solution that will solve your problems.  SilkOuts or presses will last twice as long as they would without this formula.  This product is a staple in our hot servcies to create longer lasting styles.  Dont purchsase If you have an ant allergy** if product get into the eye flush for 3 min.  After towel blotting the hair after shampoo services. spary a mist of venom anti perspirant onto the clients scalp areas making sure to encompass the entire head and frontal and nape areas; taking 1/4 inch partings, unce complete you will sit the customer under a COOL dryer for 5-10 minutes or until desired pleasanty is met; you will know pores are closed because there is no more heat on the scalp.  Continue as usually  with your hot styling processes to create you desired style. (hair tends to stay 1-2 weeks longer with out root puffyness)*

Venom- Scalp Anti-perspirant

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